Ethan Storm Masturbation Video

Cute as hell twink Ethan Storm is butt ass naked on his bed with his dick in his hand.   He is really getting at it in this masturbation video too.   He is writhing all over the bed and he can’t stop thinking about the great fuck he had on set the night before.   So turned on, Ethan even rubs his asshole with his free hand.  I am glad he decided to become a gay porn actor, and even more important do a shoot for Freshman X!

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Ethan Jerks Off

Now that we had the pleasure of watching Ethan Storm whip out his cock, its time for a little reward!   This sexy twink is about to do us the honor of jerking off.   With his boxers in hand, Ethan rolls onto his back in his bed and starts to rub and stroke his dick till the point it is fully erect.   You have to see the massive nut busted at the end of this FreshmanX set.

Shirtless Ethan Storm

Nice patch of pubic hair Ethan!   Pull those shorts down a little bit further will you!   I want to see your hard prick.

Naked Ethan Storm

One of my favorite photos of Ethan to date.  Something drives me wild when I see him with his legs tucked back like that and his penis hangs out ready to get sucked.

Ethan Storm Jerks Off

Look at the expression on Ethan’s face.  He is clearly deep into his head with wild fantasies running around his brain.   His right hand runs effortless up and down his thick shaft, and his nutsack is pulled tight around his balls.  Only a matter of minutes before he blows his load everywhere.

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Ethan Storm Whips Out Cock

Ethan Storm is a 5’8 twink with hazel eyes.  This super cute guy has a real passion for sex, and we are glad he does.   Since he debuted in his first gay porn, Ethan has been breaking hearts ever since.  In this set from Freshman X, Ethan takes off his t-shirt and flexes his muscles.   Soon after the pants and boxers are pulled down the front of his cock.   I’d like to juggle those balls in my mouth.

Ethan Storm

With an adorable face like that, is there any wonder why Ethan became an instant sensation in gay porn films?

Ethan Storm Flexes Muscles

You got quite the guns Ethan!   Everything this guy does is with care.   Look at his well manicured happy trail!

Ethan Storm Cock

What a beautiful cock!   This bottom boy looks amazing with his boxers pulled down slightly as he pulls his balls away from his body with his left hand.  The full set continues with Ethan Storm proceeding to masturbate for you.   The cumshot he delivers is crazy intense.

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Twink Ethan Storm

Gorgeous twink Ethan Storm is 5’7, 140 lbs of sex drive.   He made his debut in 2009 and since then has thrived as a gay porn actor.   His first gay porn video was for Lucas Entertainment in a movie called Wall Street.   This video also starred Arpad Miklos.   Ethan is a bottom boy in all his videos.

Ethan Storm’s most recent videos made in 2010 were for Pink Bird Media in such films as Barrett Long’s XXX Amateur Hour 24 and 28.   His ass really gets a good fucking in these videos!

Freshman X was very happy to get Ethan to shoot for their members area, and the quality of the action was worth it!   I hope this twink has a long career in the porn world.   We all deserve to enjoy that ass for years.

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